Dr. Luciano Pulido

Babalawo, Professor, Author, CEO & Founder of Ifa En Accion, INC. Holistic Medicine Specialist, Lincensed in Education & Defectology (Specialty: Conduct Disorders), Conductor & Director Of The “IFA EN ACCION” Television Program


To disclose the true identity and purpose of IFA in a new science-based approach, as opposed to unfounded opinions that have identified it as a plethoric pagan religion of superstition and sorcery directed to do evil to humans; revealing information based on studies of the close relationship humans hold with IFA every moment of life and how we can benefit from its advice to maintain a balance in physical, mental, and emotional aspects, so as to achieve success in the social, familial, and economic spheres; reaffirming the credit given to IFA by the UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION (UNESCO) in qualifying it as a MASTERPIECE OF THE ORAL AND INTANGIBLE and giving to it the title of HERITAGE OF HUMANITY after submitting details from investigations done through more than a decade.


-Support the survival and conservation of IFA as Heritage of Humanity.

-Expose the inherence of IFA in humans through the science of Biology and Quantum Physics, among others.

-Revealing IFA’s diagnostics as accurate and reliable using the knowledge of Mathematics and computation.

-Establish a paradigmatic parallel between IFA and Holistic Vibrational Medicine for the benefit of humanity.

-Actively interact with the public to educate them on the true principles and purposes of IFA.


Do not miss the opportunity for an exact diagnostic of the possible motives which may be impeding you from acquiring success and prosperity in your physical, mental, emotional, social, economic, and familial life, through the holistic program of IFA…

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